About Us

Close-up of fresh spring green grass.

At In My Garden Health and Lifestyle our fundamental belief is, what we eat has a direct effect on the quality of life we enjoy and the level of spirituality we obtain. In the Garden of Eden is where life began,  life was rich healthful. It is still in the garden we can find health, both physically and spiritually. 

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospers. 3John 1:2

Health is part of God’s plan for us. Looking at our society today, the top three diseases (Heart disease, Cancer, and Diabetes) each are closely related to diet.

Our children suffer  from ADD and ADHD. We can’t think clearly anymore.
Diet  plays a role in these illnesses.

We believe that it is time to wake up and take stock of where we are in our lives. Time to take back the responsibility for our health and spirituality and that of our children.

We will teach  individuals, small groups as well as churches. Please contact as us at Inmygarden07@yahoo.com or 404-964 2805.